2019-2020 Little Red Schoolhouse Preschool Program

We look forward to another year of growing and learning together at Little Red! Here is what our preschool program for the 2019-2020 school year looks like.

Session times

Program sessions will run on Mondays & Wednesdays, 9:15am to 1:30pm, at the Little Red Schoolhouse on the South End of Salt Spring Island, BC.

Dates of Sessions

The program sessions will follow the SD64 school year calendar. The first session for the 2018/2019 school year will be on September 9th, and the last session will run on June 17th.

Program Cost

$265 per month. This fee has been calculated by the cost for the total number of sessions, divided by 10 months. Therefore the cost of each month is the same, regardless of the number of sessions run in the month.

*Note: We have opted in to the Parent Fee Reduction program, in which the government will be contributing a portion of the childcare fees. Please contact for more details and the amount you can expect contributed for your child’s space.

Program Description

The intention of this program is to offer 4-hours and 15-minute sessions for young children (2.5 – 5 years) to engage in play-based and child-led curriculum with their peers, facilitated by competent and inspiring educators. The programming will focus on supporting the development of the whole child: physical, emotional, social, and cognitive. This will be promoted through a variety of experiences including art and expression, imaginative play, music and movement, building and construction, books and storytelling, outdoor learning, science experiments and sensory play.


We aim to build a secure, positive atmosphere where children can build trusting and respectful relationships with their teachers and each other, and develop positive self-esteem in each child. By offering emergent curriculum based on the children’s interests, we aim to foster a love of learning and support the children in their journey to become critical thinkers and collaborative problem solvers.

Inspired by the Reggio philosophy of early learning, the environment is regarded as an important teacher. By fostering a relationship between the children and nature, spending as much time outdoors as possible, children are encouraged to become innovative explorers and responsible adventurers. Providing a safe, nurturing outdoor learning environment is fundamental in early childhood development to promote healthy, confident, empathetic and happy children. We believe that, when children recognize the connection between themselves and nature, they are more likely to become positive stewards of our planet.

A Typical Day at Little Red

During the preschool program at Little Red, the days will follow a loose routine, retaining flexibility to account for the needs and the flow of the children and the class as a whole.

Each day the following experiences will be provided for all children. While we intend to spend the majority of the class outdoors, at any point in our routine we may be outside or in, depending on the needs of the class. We will often walk as a group down the trail behind our schoolhouse to a pond ecosystem. We may also organize visits from special guests or field trips to the beach, Ruckle Farm, or other interesting places.


9:15am  Good Morning! Children arrive to Little Red

*The program will begin indoors. Please try to arrive on time, as we will begin our day with a welcome circle as the children arrive. This helps to create a sense of togetherness as a group, and orients the children to the opportunities and ideas in the room each day.

9:30am  Play & Learning Centres

*Children are invited to play and offered experiences that support their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. We will all work together to clean up activities before moving on.

10:35am Transition Circle

*A short song, game, or story to transition children from free play to snack.       

10:45am Snack

*Self-help skills and friendly conversations are encouraged as we refuel on snacks brought from home. 

11:00am Forest Walk & Outdoor Play 

*These play and learning experiences will take place, rain or shine, outdoors on our playground. We will often begin with a group forest walk along the trails adjacent to the schoolhouse. Children will need proper outerwear, footwear, a backpack, and a water bottle.

12:45pm  Lunch

*We may eat earlier or later depending on the children’s needs. When children are finished, they may return to free play and group activities.

1:15pm Good-Bye!

*Depending on the flow of the day, we may be gathered for a goodbye circle before parents arrive. This may occur outside or in the schoolhouse depending on needs.

Please note: The schedule is flexible, and may be altered to suit the needs of the group. Children and educators will be planning additional activities, such as field trips to the beach or Ruckle Farm, inviting special guest presenters (e.g. musicians, artists, etc,), baking or yoga at Beaver Point Hall, and more!


You can download this program description in PDF format here.

If you are interested in enrolling your child for one of our programs, please contact us to arrange a visit and ensure there is a space available for your child before completing our online registration.